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Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy for Law Firms

Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Do you have a plan for marketing your law firm? Creating a law firm marketing strategy means more than just hanging your shingle, putting up a website, and hoping clients find you. That’s where we come in.
Now that you’ve done that, what comes next?

How do you reach out to new clients? How do they find you? Are you building a network of referral partners? What’s next for your law firm?

If you can’t answer even one of these questions, then you need to start working on a law firm marketing strategy. You need to be able to reach out to clients who need your services, and be working on building the steps to ensure they can easily refer other people to your law firm.

We can help you set up the emails, text messages, callbacks, and networking events that will help put you in front of the people who need a lawyer like you. We can ensure that what you say and how your say it is in line with your law firm’s brand and contains the messaging you need.

We’ll also assist you in building out the social networks, video FAQs, professional networks, referral sources, that will grow a positive reputation in your area. You need to stand out to anyone who might need your services. We can set up the plan to make that happen.

Emails 33%
Networking 42%
Callbacks 61%
Strategy 100%
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