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Mark Miller

Mark Miller

Mark is originally from St. Louis, MO and he still has that Midwestern charm and sense-of-humor. He loves technology, science fiction, and figuring out how to do new things. He currently lives in Orlando, FL with his amazing attorney wife and their two frighteningly precocious children.
He loves finding new ways to make things interesting and focuses that energy on helping law firms stand out. Check out what he can do for you.

Phone: (602) 690-4780



Ok, so how do we take that idea and make it fun.

Mark started his career in marketing while working at a a web hosting company in Phoenix. There he learned how to interface small and medium sized businesses with the technology to connect them with their customers.

From there he moved into the legal space when his future wife decided to go to law school in Orlando. Realizing there was an undeniable draw to the land of beaches and theme parks and that no one would willingly return to the desert after 3 years there, Mark packed up his car and headed over to marry that lovely lady.

Mark has helped several other solo attorneys and small practices in understanding and creating the content and the resources their clients expect when reaching out for a lawyer. He finds ways to make the legal field, which many consider dull, interesting to the potential clients.

From podcasts, to ad campaigns, to email follow-ups, Mark knows what it takes to get the attention of those looking for legal help. If you’re looking for a new way to reach out to potential clients, then Mark and the team can help you find original ways to bring them to your door.

Law Firm Marketing 90%
Technology 80%
Management 70%
Social Media 49%