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Car Air Freshener Explosion

Car Air Freshener Explosion

Someone across the pond is having a bad week this week. After excessively using air freshener in their car they decided to spark up a cig. As anyone with a basic understanding of aerosol propellents (or the parent of boys) can tell you, spray cans and open flames don’t mix. As we would expect the car went up like a jammed potato gun and the driver was fortunate to escape with only minor injuries.

As a legal expert there are a few takes you could discuss on this one. Could the manufacturer of the air freshener be held responsible for the explosion, or would it depend on the labeling? Would the driver be responsible for the street closure and the cost of the emergency responders? What liability does the driver have for any damage done to other vehicles when the windscreens blew out? What would the fallout be if this incident happened in your area that wouldn’t happen in the UK?

Bonneted Birds

Someone in the Las Vegas area is topping off the local pigeons with little cowboy hats. No one has yet taken responsibility through the story has been shared in thousands of social media posts, local and national news outlets, and elsewhere.

Now, I’m no expert on the ins-and-outs of avian apparel, but is it possible that the perpetrator is harming the birds with whatever adhesive they’re using and if so is that animal abuse? What would be the likely charges if someone was caught doing something like this in your neighborhood? What about people who put clothes on their dogs, is that the crime it should be?

737 Issues Abound

It looks like Boeing is in deeper trouble than previously expected. It’s troubled 737 Max is becoming a bigger issue. The company is considering futher delays or even complete suspension of the line. After the two fatal crashes in March 2019 that killed 346 people, the company attempted to fix the problems with a software update. So far, the FAA is has no intention of allowing the line to retake the air and it’s possible the planes will never fly again.

What would happen if a company in your area produced a product that harmed or killed its consumers? How would you go about defending a company you were representing, or the family if you were on the other side of the case? Is there an angle on the recall of the 737 Max that is similar to a case you dealt with in the past?

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