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How to Create Content in Under 5 Minutes

Creating Marketing Content Fast

People often complain that they don’t have the time to create content for their website or their social media. I created all of this in under five minutes. From the social media post, to the transcript, to the blog post on my website. My total time was literally less than five minutes.

So there should never be the “I don’t have time” excuse. If you have time to make coffee, you have time to make content. So get started!

People told me that they don’t often have time enough in their day to create content. Well, I’m going to put the line to that. Let’s talk about content creation for the next minute, then I’m going to transcribe that content, that video and put it on my website. As for the proof that all it does is takes us a minute to create content every day, you have the time.

If you can talk for a minute, you can create a four to 500-word post about whatever it is that you need to talk about. You store that into a program like Audrey I or have somebody in your office transcribe it, it doesn’t take a whole lot of time, it’s only a minute worth of content. So it shouldn’t take even a minute to transcribe.

And then you use that on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or wherever you need to do. So. Take a minute, talk through a subject that doesn’t have to be much, give a brief question and answer and then take that content and share it posted elsewhere. It only takes one minute. So that’s how you create content in a minute.

How to Create Even more Content in Under 5 Minutes

It’s not just about creating that single minute’s worth of content. You can take that single piece of content and quickly share it across the web in other places. (Like this very podcast.)

By repurposing and sharing the content you just made, you’ll attract and draw in more people who are looking for the answers your content provides. So whether you’re going through your FAQ pages or telling people how you made a decision, or just advising them on the latest laws and their effects, you can create content in under 5 minutes that will draw them to your door.

Part Two of creating content in just a minute. First create the content second, I went to iCloud here and I’m downloading it. So it’s downloaded right there, pulled up VLC and I’m going to can, then you start converting. Throw it into

Alright. So that’s it in Otter. Now we’re going to export. Just to show you I’ve got almost 200 words, and it took me about a minute. Now I’m going to use that content in a blog post that I’m creating. I’m also going to upload the original into my YouTube once I fix formatting issues.

And now I have a new blog post on my website. And all of that took less than five minutes to put together to create, From initial to blog posts to social posts to cross posting everything.

So if I have five minutes to do it, you have five minutes to create content. So don’t use the I don’t have time as an excuse anymore, because you have time.

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