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Are You Focusing Your Marketing Message?

Does Your Marketing Message Focus on One Practice Area

What Are You Known For?

What is your marketing message? What type of law do you practice? Who are the clients you want coming into your door? What do you want to be known for doing? All of these need to be something you can answer quickly and easily.

If you’re like most attorneys, then you have a general practice area that you focus on, but you’re willing to take on other cases in similar areas. What’s important is what you’re know for doing in the community. You need to focus on branding yourself as an attorney who focuses on one specific practice area so your clients and your network can refer you those cases first.

Niches Mean Riches!

When you think about Lebron James or Micheal Jordan what springs to mind? If it isn’t Basketball I’d be surprised. And while it’s true that both are amazing ball players, they’re also great at other things, and those other areas are where most of their income is derived. Both have made far more off shoes and other licensing deals than they ever did on the court.

Now think about the lawyers and professionals you look up to. What are they known for? I’m positive you can sum it up in a single sentence, if not a single word. But even though that’s what they’re known for, it’s not necessarily where they’re earning the bulk of their income. You can should be doing the same thing.

Focus on what you love. What practice area do you enjoy doing more than any other. Focus your messaging on that practice area and you will soon become the local expert. People will know you as the expert and will refer to you accordingly.

Additonally, by focusing your messaging and becoming the expert the media is more likely to take attention and contact you when they need such an expert. Don’t forget to reach out that same local media to pitch ideas about stories that coincide with that expertise. But that’s information for a future post.

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