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7 Ways to Repurpose Your Content Fast

Repurpose Your Content Quickly Around the Web

Fast Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Create, Share, Repeat

You should be creating content, you know this. Content, afterall, is King. But if no one sees your content, then you’re just the king of obscurity. That’s why you need to share what you create.

Here are a few quick ways you can repurpose your content for your other profiles quickly.

1: Take a Screen Shot and Post it on your Instagram

Pull up your Q&As on Avvo, a recent blog post you wrote, or an article you were quoted in on your phone. Hit the buttons and get a screencap of it. Then post that on your Instagram profile. Write up a little about it, add some context as you can, and make sure you copy and paste the link and then post it. Boom! That’s two!, (Two, because you’re going to hit the switch next to Facebook when you post it.)

2: Do it Again for The Rest

Take that IG post and pop it onto LinkedIn, Twitter, and into your Google My Business page. Again, a quick contextual write-up about the original post along with a link to the original, and you’ve just created multiple additional posts.

3: make a Quick Video About It

Now that you’ve repurposed your article, tweet, or whatever about the web, pull out your phone again and start recording yourself. Take a snippet of your original content and do a two-three minute video on that story. Hit the highlights and tell whatever story you think is relevant around it and then post that on your YouTube channel or go Live on Facebook.

4. Add it to A Blog Post

Take your new video and embed that into a new blog post. Add some additional commentary, or just pull a transcript of the audio and add that to your website. Transcribing your audio doesn’t even need to be a hassle. Programs like do an amazing job for almost no cost and they’re getting better all the time. Just copy and paste the text and make some edits and additions and you’ll have yourself a brand new blog post that you can share around the web as well.

    5. Add it to Your LinkedIn

    Adding examples of your work, and then sharing them to your network is a great way to garner additional attention in LinkedIn. This social network is growing fast, and getting attention there now can benefit you, as many using the platform are doing so as professionals. Everyone correctly using their LinkedIn profile is sharing great insights and providing amazing content. It’s easy to be one of those people and bring more attention to you and your work.

    6. Share in Your newsletter

    Of course you should have a monthly (or weekly) newsletter going out to your top clients, and network. If you don’t then now is the time to start. Any amazing content you’re creating should be going out in that newsletter. So make sure you’re sharing it in your next email.

    7. Add it to an Infographic

    Since you’re now creating and sharing regular content, you’ll want to find new ways of presenting that content. Take your Avvo answers and build them into a shareable infographic your clients and network (or anyone else around the web) can share and embed on their websites. Make sure you’re branding it with your logo and refer back to your website and contact info so everyone knows who answered their burning questions.

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