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3 Marketing Ideas for the Week Before Christmas

Law Firm Marketing Around the Holidays

Christmas Marketing for Law Firms

Yes, it’s Almost Christmas and Hanukkah

If you’ve somehow missed all the lights, trees, and fat men in red suits, then I’m sorry to tell you, but you have just over a week left before the holidays start in earnest. Yes, Christmas and Hanukkah are right around the corner, and it’s time for you to give that last marketing push before the year ends.

For some of you (insurance defense, PI attorneys, and the like) you’re probably swamped with end-of-the-year casework. For others, it’s the slow period and you have almost nothing to do until January hits. Regardless of your situation, you still have time to do a little holiday networking and outreach before the end of the year.

Here are a few ideas you can use to get that last little push your name out there or to remind your network that you care about them and appreciate the clients they send your way.

Social Callouts

Social Media isn’t just for millenials and creators. The businesses you work with in your network are also there. Calling them out for the great work they do and thanking them for all they’ve done for you is both a personal and public way to tell them they are appreciated.

Throw a Photo Contest

Here’s another quick way to draw a little attention, throw out a gift card and ask people for pictures of their Christmas Tree, Gingerbread House, Menorah, or whatever. Make sure they have to tag you in their posts to be entered. Then you and/or your staff choose from all the submissions and give out the card. Make a huge deal about how amazing the winner is and why.*

Throw a Desk Design Contest

Take another gift card and hold a contest with your staff to have them decorate their desks. For extra points, tell them they’re only allowed to use items found in the office. You and the other attorneys get to judge the best design, use of space, etc. Bonus, that one paralegal’s desk is finally cleaned off and that’s where that file is!

    Bonus Idea!

    Text Your Network

    One of the attorneys I work with does something unique and pretty amazing. He puts his top 45 networking connections into the Favorites in his phone. Then on holidays or on other significant dates, he sends them all a message wishing them a Merry Chrismas, Happy Easter, etc.

    It’s simple, he just writes one message and then copies and pastes it down the list. It’s more personal than a generic email and it actually takes him some time to do it. But the brilliance is in its simplicity.

    *Make sure your state bar allows you to hold contests. Some of them are a little tender about them, even if you’re not directly soliciting potential clients.

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