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Law Firm Branding and Content


Using Video and Audio to Expand Your Practice
Stand out in the crowded marketplace.
Be the leader with amazing content.



Using Video and Audio to Expand Your Practice. Stand out in the crowded marketplace. Be the leader with amazing content.



Clients can choose from hundreds of attorneys who do the same type of legal work you do.
What makes you stand apart? What makes your clients choose you over others? How are you different?
Plan a strategy that will give you the edge over the other lawyers in your area and bring the clients to your door.


Having a good logo is one thing. Having the right message behind it is as important. Let us build a brand that sends the right message.


People listen to podcasts and watch videos, but they don’t read like they used to. We can help you create and edit video and audio content that attracts clients.


Email is still one of the best ways to contact clients so they know who you are and what you do. The right email timing can mean a contract signed instead of ignored.


Finding clients means being where they are when they’re there. Being available through the channels they use means getting to them before others do.


We have been working with attorneys and other legal experts on their marketing and messaging for over a decade. We understand the legal field and the unique needs of law firms to stay within the rules of the various Bar Associations and State Laws. Let us help you navigate the space and send out a message that works.

design & development 70%
media production 85%
automation 50%
content 69%

Clients have questions and you have answers. The best way of connecting the two is by being where they are when they’re asking. Videos show up at the top of most online searches, are you there? We can help.

Hosting a regular podcast is one of the best ways to connect your clients to the experts they need to help them. Whether you focus on personal injury, business , or any other legal practice area, creating a podcast will help you connect with the clients and network partners that can help you grow.

Content is, and will always be, King. If you’re not creating new content on a regular basis then you’re falling behind those who are. It’s time to pick up your content creation game. We can help you build a plan and strategy that will help you become known as the expert you are in your legal specialty.

New Followers
New Clients
Email Replies
Newsletter Readers


Are you tired of being another attorney standing in front of law books that are never actually used and that take up valuable real estate in your office? You might think it’s what your clients expect, but is it what they want? Wouldn’t you rather be a lawyer people can talk to? One who is personable? One who they know they can trust to help them with their legal issues?

It’s time to stop being what everyone expects you to be and start being yourself. You’re who your clients want to deal with, and they would rather you be yourself. Stop being expected and start being exceptional.

We will work with you to craft a message and create a legal practice that clients want to work with. We will help you stand out by being yourself and highlighting your experience and how you can be the best choice for any clients seeking the legal services you offer.

create content that converts


Anyone can write a few sentences and throw them on your website. Creating a content strategy takes more than tossing up a random text and hoping your clients find you from it. That’s why you need a strategy behind the content you create.

From videos, to Instagram posts, to new blog posts. If your content isn’t working together to tell your story, it likely isn’t producing the results you should expect. Let us come in and build a strategy that combines all your channels into a single, sensible message.


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